Richard Maddalena :-artist

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The anti coercion device has been in circulation since 1998 with the purpose of not letting the fear of power extinguish your desire to make yourself heard. First distributed  in my performance Classified Information via Transmission Gallery . March 1998 exhibited at the launch of Elgin Diplomatic Technology in Elgin during May 1998. Distributed on streets of Edinburgh during the festival August 1998

Based on prop used in a performance of mine Peace through strength at Heathrow Airport in March of 1987

Prompted by fear of talks breaking down after Margaret Thatcher stated she was going to Moscow to talk peace through strength.

The first part of the performance plan was to be arrested for threatening to drop a ceramic dice loaded with unknown substances in exchange for a ticket to Moscow. The second part was to defend myself in court on the basis that I was only following the example of the Prime Minister.

The first part happened smoothly. However instead of being taken to court after interrogation I was driven to a psychiatric hospital in West London. Improvisation, a skill in which I have had some formal training, enabled me to escape and continue the performance in the evening and onto the boards of the London Palladium at the Secret Policemans Third Ball, a fundraiser for Amnesty International.................................