Richard Maddalena :-artist

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Some of my clients.

Tim Marlow

Sir Peter Blake

Sir Bob Geldof

Robert Wyatt

Gerald Scarfe


Artists Statement 17/7/2012

I can wash your bowl too!

Artists Statement 12/4/2012

I am here to kill your pain

to make you brave

to break al habits

to release you from the torment

of socially inappropriate imperatives

to kiss and slow the fancy footwork of the bully

to plant a rose tinted lens on top of the fence that divides us

as a temporary fix before all fields of safety connect


to encourage your own private trip

till it gets out of hand

arriving gently

but never silent with

absolute precision

on the



In Pursuit of Clarity.

 Areas of Responsiblity within the Work Plan 2017 ongoing call me or text on 0776 1767423 for finer detail

Friendly Day cropped

Liverpool late afternoon 28/9/16 Readings from my Landladiy`s Book

Something light and useful.

 Oct 12th -Oct 20th 2014

York, London and Other Places

  “Known, Unknown. Sold Seen and Unseen”

   13th-26th of July 2013

Elgin Library, Cooper Park, Elgin Moray

Opening times :-Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm


A show and sale of pieces and performance from the collection of Richard Maddalena.

 With the intention of raising funds for the Hoxton Square Gallery, Moray Libraries and the subtle enhancement of the contents of his stomach.

Works to include paintings some Anti-Coercion-Devices and two pieces from Francis Bacon.



 “Time can feel like a strange harvest”

Performance with installation

at Belladrum  2nd-4th August 2012


Global Domestic Assistants for Prevention of Nuclear War